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Manulife has reviewed and revised the relevant product information of Manulife’s VHIS certified plans upon the VHIS Office’s request, and has revised the Chinese version of the certified plans’ policy provisions accordingly. The English version of the policy

Manulife MPF schemes allow you to choose from constituent funds that fits your investment risk and appetite. Learn more about your retirement solutions. Understanding the MPF The Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) system was introduced by the government of

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適用於宏利環球精選(強積金)計劃 重要事項: 在作出投資選擇前,您必須衡量個人可承受風險的程度及您的財政狀況,在選擇成分基金或預設投資策略時,如您就某一項成分基金或預設投資策略是否適合您(包括是否符合您的投資目標)而有任何疑問,請徵詢獨立財務及/或專業人士的意見,並

+ Source: “Mercer MPF Market Shares Report” as at June 30, 2019 by Mercer (Hong Kong) Limited, in terms of market share of total MPF assets by scheme sponsor. Well-recognized Services: Manulife’s commitment to service excellence is backed by the

Our comprehensive insurance, MPF and mutual funds provide protection while helping you reach your financial goals. Learn about our packages. Effective from Feb 11, 2020, our Service Hotlines and Service Centres will operate from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Welcome to Manulife Provident Funds. Already a Manulife MPF client? Login to our online service centre to provide the information you need to manage your MPF account. Are you changing jobs? Are you looking for a new

You may contact Sun Life Pension Services Hotline 3183 1888 during Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm for assistance.

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Investment choice price / fund price Everyday Manulife presents to you the most updated information for your investment reference. Just click the corresponding price links of your choice below: Investment-Linked Assurance Schemes For Hong Kong and Macau: > Alpha

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Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is an MPF scheme distribution partner of Manulife (International) Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). 1. Source: “Mercer MPF Market Shares Report” as at 31 March, 2019 by Mercer (Hong Kong 2.

投資選項價格 / 基金價格 宏利每天於網上更新價格變動資料,供您參考,以掌握投資先機。請按下表選取您要瀏覽的專頁。 投資相連壽險計劃 供香港及澳門: > 傲富投資理財計劃

Facebook 會顯示資訊來協助你更深入瞭解專頁的用途。你可以查看內容管理和發佈者所採取的動作。Valerie Ottino, DVP Wealth Sales, Manulife Investments, talks about the specialty teams that bring valuable information to advisors to help them in their practice.

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HSBC provides comprehensive solutions for your Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) needs. Find out how we can effectively manage your retirement fund. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you

Login to e-MPF.to get the information you need to administer your plan and to provide the answers your staff need. Not a Manulife client? Are you looking for an MPF provider to meet the needs of you and your staff? At Manulife we’re

Non-Hong Kong residents are responsible for observing all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdictions before accessing the information contained herein. While this website provides information on Invesco products, such information should not be regarded as an offer or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any of such investments.

香港 (852) 2232-8888 香港島 香港北角電氣道183號友邦廣場12樓友邦財駿中心 九龍 香港九龍觀塘巧明街100號友邦九龍大樓13樓1313室 鑒於新型冠狀病毒擴散的最新發展,由即日起,客戶服務中心的服務時間更改為星期一至五上午11時至下午5時,以減低病毒散播

Manulife Global Fund is an umbrella fund comprising a number of sub-funds investing in equity and/or fixed income securities, each of which has a different investment objective and risk profile and may involve equity market, geographical concentration, sovereign

宏利 投資管理 乃根據其認為可靠的來源編匯或得出本網站提供的資訊,惟對其準確性、正確性、有用性及完整性概不發表任何聲明,對因使用有關資料及/或分析而引致的任何損失亦概不負責。 上述資料僅供參考之用。所載任何資訊不應依賴作為投資建議,或視作詳細之投資建議。

機構事務總監鄭恩賜先生在香港信託人公會2019會議上作簡報,談「迎接強積金新時代」(只有英文) 21/10/2019 機構事務總監鄭恩賜先生在美世(香港)有限公司 (Mercer) 舉辦的強積金論壇2019作簡報,談「強積金制度:展開新的一章」(只有英文)

MPF Schemes Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme Sun Life MPF Basic Scheme Sun Life MPF Comprehensive Scheme Sun Life MPF Master Trust Manulife MPF Plan – Basic Manulife MPF Plan – Advanced ORSO Schemes Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme

23/F, Manulife Tower, One Bay East, 83 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong 16th Floor, The Lee Gardens, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR. Printed copies of the Reports for Manulife Global Fund are available free of charge at any

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210MM 297MM Manulife Provident Funds Trust Company Limited 22/F, Manulife Financial Centre, 223-231 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Date : April 1, 2017 MPF GS OFF/DOC (04/2017)a Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme O ering Document


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BOCI-Prudential won three accolades at the 2019 Lipper Hong Kong Fund Awards BOCI-Prudential became the first ever MPF trustee to receive “Excellent Trustee & Management Services Award” organized by Hong Kong Economic Journal

Manulife Provident Funds Trust Company Limited is a member of the Manulife Financial group of companies. Manulife Financial is a Canada-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States.

香港 (852) 2232-8888 香港島 香港北角電氣道183號友邦廣場12樓友邦財駿中心 九龍 香港九龍觀塘巧明街100號友邦九龍大樓13樓1313室 鑒於新型冠狀病毒擴散的最新發展,由即日起,客戶服務中心的服務時間更改為星期一至五上午11時至下午5時,以減低病毒散播

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• 滙豐強積金智選計劃為強制性公積金計劃。• 在作出投資選擇前,你必須衡量個人可承受風險的程度及你的財政狀況。在選擇基金時,如你就某一項基金是否適合你(包括是否符合你的

AXA Hong Kong offers retirement planning and MPF / ORSO management that meet different financial needs with convenient and value-added services at competitive fees. Notices on New Coronavirus Outbreak and Enhanced Policy Coverage LEARN MORE

Choose to transfer your MPF accrued benefits to an HSBC MPF personal account. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used.

Welcome to Manulife Provident Funds Already a Manulife client? Login to our online service centre to provide the information you need to manage your MPF account. Looking for an MPF provider? At Manulife we try to

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就新加入僱主而言,閣下的首次登入密碼將於我們確定收妥閣下的申請後兩星期內寄予閣下。 如果閣下忘記密碼,請致電僱主熱線(852) 2100 1888。 備註: 密碼有大小寫之分。 為保護貴公司的資料及私隱,我們建議閣下定期更改密碼,並使用難以猜測的密碼組合。

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In addition to our professional team of financial advisors, our operation in Hong Kong is supported by top quality functional teams. The professionalism and talent of our employees and advisors is what makes Manulife

Date Time Affected area Everyday 00:00a.m. to 04:00a.m. Retirement Service Centre *Please note the above schedule may be changed without prior notice *You may not be allowed to login / encounter system instability after login to the Principal Retirement Service

Manulife iFunds is our newly developed digital fund platform. With Manulife iFunds, you can easily use your mobile or desktop device to open a Manulife InvestChoice account, conduct transactions, and view your portfolio and cash balances.

網上退休金服務中心 請選擇退休金計劃 強積金計劃 永明彩虹強積金計劃 永明強積金集成信託計劃(前稱施羅德強積金集成信託計劃) 永明強積金基本計劃 / 綜合計劃(前稱富衛強積金集成信託基本計劃 / 綜合計劃)

Manulife offers multiple products and services in Hong Kong, including investment and wealth management, insurance, employee benefits, among others. Hong Kong We help you protect your loved ones, grow your wealth, improve your health – and build your future.

30/6/2013 · 宏利在香港開展業務逾120年。宏利作為香港主要金融服務機構之一,全面照顧超過200萬位客戶的理財及保障需要。宏利提供一系列多元化的個人及一般保險產品、投資相連壽險產品、團體壽險及醫保計劃、公積金、互惠基金、財富管理產品及財務策劃服務。


Please take note that information provided here is for your reference only. No information contained here should be relied upon as investment advice or regarded as a substitute for any investment advice. Investment involves risk. Investors should not only base on this

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因應新型冠狀肺炎引致的服務更改 部分分行暫停營業 – 部分提供垂詢強積金及強積金寄存辦理箱服務之指定分行現正暫停營業,直至另行通知。 詳情請參閱滙豐網頁。你亦可到訪其他分行 – 如欲查詢最鄰近的分行,請查閱分行名單。此外,你可致電我們的強積金成員熱線 3128 0128 或僱主熱線 2583 8033