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14/5/2018 · This video showcases the Ranger and all of its Elite specializations for both expansions. Subscribe for more videos! https://goo.gl/ghm2m1 If you’d like to help support King Vox and the

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3/10/2016 · This is my 2016 PvE leveling build and guide for the RANGER! In this ranger leveling build and guide i’ll be telling you what equipment to use, what specializations/traits to use and what skills

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22/8/2017 · Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire – Introducing The Soulbeast | The Pet-Merging Ranger WoodenPotatoes [GW2] Bootts’ Bad Builds – Credator’s Punning (or, a discourse on soulbeast poison application

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12/9/2017 · Axe, both look great but Astralia is my favorite. You can always go fiery dragon sword + frostfang for a fire/ice look. Build wise it’s the best too because you can use it with S/A for power ranger and A/T for condi ranger so the stat changing comes in handy.

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Rangers rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature itself. Unparalleled survivalists with traps, nature spirits, and a stable of loyal pets at their command, rangers can adapt to any situation. Pets Rangers are accompanied by animal companions who

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29/4/2018 · Plop plop les gens, Tout nouveau joueur, j’ai choisi la classe de ranger Norn. Si tu commences je peux te conseiller qu’une seule chose. Essaye. Des le niveau 10 tu peux acheter des armes de qualité blanche aux marchands d’armes qu’il y a sur les maps.

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15/8/2016 · I really hope that these quality of life changes do come soon. I don’t know about other GW2 players, but I have a disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. If you have never heard of this, google it, but short version is that my body attacks my own joints. Especially the

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8/5/2013 · Lol, this is only decent? I wonder what you regard as Exploit though? BM seems strong in the hands of players like you. If people want the pets to hit moving targers reliably, and take less aoe damage, they need to watch this vid. That black cat is some tough kitten

3/11/2017 · This build is not 100% efficient. I was missing a sigil on my Warhorn and the stats on my weapons are weird. I can definitely update the build if you guys wish. The build doesn’t have any weapon

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26/11/2018 · Servus Mich plagt die Wahl der, für mich, “richtigen” Klasse. Zur Zeit habe ich meinen Ranger (Lvl 51 atm), den ich später hauptsächlich als (Heal)druide oder Soulbeast spielen will. Minuspkt des Rangers ist der “fehlende” ,besser gesagt, nicht akzeptierte

17/2/2020 · Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand.

21/8/2017 · Retired player Came back to check out GW2 again. Log in with Ranger. Soulbeast they said, it will be fun they said No fun Clunky clunky all the time Retired player Probably does not know much about the game Creates a forum post Being non constructive Every

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9/5/2013 · I find the ranger is a powerful, but finicky, class if played properly, but it can do well in most environments if you build it right. I play a tanky pet build, put simply I use soldiers/knights gear (With a few berserker’s trinkets) and have 30 points in beast mastery (And

12/4/2013 · Two screenshots of the same data (one sorted by boons, the other by source) on Ranger boons, their sources, and durations given various levels of +boon duration in increments of 5%. Also includes those provided to the Ranger/allies by pets. The ones provided by

r/Guildwars2: Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. Hello GW2 Reddit! For anyone wanting to, you can join my discord and ask questions about WvW etc, here’s the link.There is a tldr for anyone who doesn’t have an hour to read this post. It also looks a lot nicer than

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27/2/2018 · Power Rànger !! Wer sind wir? Wir sind eine aktive deutsche PvX-Gilde vom Server Dzagonur mit größerem Fokus auf dem WvW. Man findet uns hauptsächlich auf den Ewigen Schlachtfeldern oder den Grenzlanden, wobei wir diese auch gerne ab und an verlassen

13/3/2018 · Ich komme in Fraktalen auch gut als Power-Druidin (auch mit Langbogen) klar. Für Gruppe ist da genügend Gutes dabei und vor kurzem wurde hier im Forum auf die Website von “Discretize” verwiesen, auf der sogar auch ein entsprechender Build auftaucht ().

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r/Gw2WvW: All things World vs World in Guild Wars 2 I walked away from GW2 over 4 months ago. It is sad to see that development has really been crippled or downsized. In the end it will just be one blob tier and two tiers that suffer from crippling salt and

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24/9/2012 · Forum discussion: Found this nice post for 4 different types of builds for rangers, check it out 🙂 here for us, weekend is almost here! Found this nice post for 4 different types of builds

Hallo, ich habe GW2 bis vor ein paar Jahren recht aktiv gespielt (hauptsächlich PvP) und ca ein Jahr nach HoT Release damit aufgehört. Grund war der, dass mir nach dem Addon zu viele tanky Builds im PvP unterwegs waren und Core Klassen kaum noch spielbar

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16/12/2018 · Bonjour tout le monde, désolé de mon noobisme mais j’ai un ranger niv 45 et j’aimerais le monter de niveau. ça dépend ce que tu veux farm. Si c’est des mob basique dans les map, utilise double hache avec cachet de feu (celui qui fait une AOE) sur une seule

Ebon Vanguard Ranger By: aylaan Aylaan has always been in favour of a treaty of peace between the Charr and humans. He always thought it strange that his peers in class held the Charr responsible for the demise of Ascalon and not the Sorcerer-King’s folly